Pieces of ribbed foam packaging


Polyurethane (PU) foam is used as cushioning for a variety of consumer and commercial applications, including custom crating & packaging, medical comfort products, and furniture. 

Polyurethane foam is light, durable, supportive and comfortable. Advantages to using Polyurethane Foam: Easy to fabricate, die cut and assemble. 

Offers a Soft Surface that is able to resist scratches. Great at protecting light and fragile products. Wide range of densities, firmnesses and colors including FHR & Anti-Static. 

Microview of Polyurethane foam texture

Light Density Polyurethane:

1# – 1.3#

Microview of Polyurethane foam texture

Medium Density Polyurethane


Microview of Polyurethane foam texture

High Density Polyurethane

1.5# – 1.8#


Polyethylene (PE) foam provides superior damage protection, allowing for Packaging Engineers to design custom foam solutions that require less material. Because of polyethylenes high-performance cushioning, a properly designed protective foam solution can see significant savings during the shipping process. 

Polyethylene is commonly seen used in these industries: Automotive, Aerospace, Computer and Electronics, Construction, Crating and Packaging, Medical, Recreation 

Advantages to using Polyethylene Foam: Easy to fabricate, die cut and assemble. Great at protecting light, heavy and fragile products. Available in wide range of densities and colors including Anti-Static.

Stacked white laminated polyethylene foam

Laminated Polyethylene

1.2# – 2.2# 

Colors: White, Blue, Black, Green, Pink(AS)

Stack of white plank ethafoam

Plank (Ethafoam) Polyethylene

1.8# – 9#

Colors: White, Blue, Black, Pink(AS)

stacks of recycled foam

Recycled Foam

1.7# & 2.2# 

Colors: Black

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